Diving Mallorca

If you want to experience more than simply lying on the beach during your Mallorca holiday, then a scuba diving course may be just the right thing for you. Whether you just want to do a taster dive, or want to start a course, buckets of fun are guaranteed! Also, it’s always nice to experience something new and meet interesting people.

Keep in mind, though, that while it is definitely fun and exiting, scuba diving is still a sport that requires you to be responsible and have special knowledge – and it is the instructors’ job to teach you these. Any diving school which you may choose to dive at, along with the instructor that will teach you, must furthermore be authorised to teach by an official recreational diving association. Our school, AquaSub at the Playa de Palma, is licensed by PADI (Professional Association of Diving Instructors).

Each diving course you complete will qualify you to dive up to the course’s specified limits – which is represented by a diving license. This license must be shown in order to be able to rent equipment or go on dives at other dive centres.

Don’t worry, though, our instructors are all huge diving fans and will enthusiastically teach you all the basics and knowledge you need to have about diving. So, go on, be exited about your dive! Look forward to the awesome experience that awaits you; the feeling of weightlessness underwater; and the incredible things you will see.

Diving in Mallorca is a great experience on any holiday. The underwater world of Mallorca’s coasts is much more diverse and colourful than what many may imagine. The shimmering schools of fish and green sea-grass meadows automatically remind of freedom. What more could you ask for on your holiday?