Ballon Flights over Mallorca

The excursion begins with a welcome to the people at the official Balloon Airport of Manacor.
There our team will explain to you in calm all the details of the Balloon ride. Our Pilots are at the highest level, having been Champions of Spain and slowly we will explain to you all the safety measures and in a happy way we will involve you in all the matters of this exciting excursion.
Enjoy our modern fleet of 8 Balloons, where there are small Balloons for couples, as well as larger balloons for families and incentive groups.
(April to October from Monday to Saturday)
The building of the balloons, baskets, burners, sails, are one of the most exciting parts of the excursion and the one who more memories will bring to you. You can help if you want and the pilots will involve you to make you feel a bit like the Montgolfier’s.
Imagine the feeling of moving apart your feet from the floor in the last romantic artefact that we still have nowadays, hand in hand with your partner and seeing how the island Mallorca is appearing under your feet.
The take off is so gentle that you will not notice that you are moving apart from the floor. Soon you will see Cabrera and when we reach 300 or 500 meters, we probably can see Menorca. During the balloon ride is not cold at all.
The flight is above all a romantic adventure in slow motion, a feeling of peace and indescribable freedom, which will be engraved in your soul and in your heart for life.
You will feel like in another world, only sometimes returned to reality by the infinity of explanations that strive to give our pilots, which are the most experienced in the world, taking some more than 3500 hours of flight.
The landing of the balloon is gentle, calm, but at the same time is exciting. Allways in uncultivated fields. Our land team which follow us in our jeeps and vans, will help us to collect all the material and bring us back to the Balloon Airport.
At the Balloon Airport we will do the air baptism, to hand in the certificates and we offer you a buffet breakfast.
Balloon Morning Flights:
Balloonflight in the morning, a romantic amazing meeting with the sunrise, best views and safty conditions. This is the most booked tour and often several balloons take off at the same time.
Price: 199 Euro
PREMIUM Ballon Flights:
The same morning flight as usual but with more space for you. Recommended for people weighing 100kg or more. There is also the option, if you wish, to fly in the basket with a door, ideal for passengers with little mobility or the right to fly with the smallest balloon, that flies that day. Breakfast and one drink included.
Price: 199 Euro
(Possible all year round)

Ideal for couples to celebrate anniversaries, ordered hand or just want to fly alone without other passengers. Flights in the morning or afternoon, taking off from the Ballooning launch area or on request, also from your own home or other places.
There is also a variant , in which in the balloon you can get breakfast, served by a stewardess and if you want a little more special, we collect you and bring you to the ballooning area, from your home or hotel by helicopter. We fly every day!!!
In July 2019 we had the first marriage in a balloon, maybe are you the next?
Balloons for charter can accommodate 2, 3, 4, 6 or 8 people.
A unique and impressive flight, flying before the start of the dawn, welcoming the sunrise on the seventh heaven.
This flight is also possible in the evening with some variations.
Exclusive Flights for 2 Passengers (mornings):
Price: 650 Euro
Exclusive Flights for 2 Passenger (afternoons):
Price: 680 Euro
Exclusive Flights for 4 Passengers (mornings and afternoons):
Price: 800 Euro
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