Jet Skiing in Mallorca

Even without a boat license, you don’t have to do without jet skiing. You will be conveniently picked up by our diving school and brought to the port, from where the jet skis start. After a short briefing on how to use the water scuttlers, you can start. Start the turbine and race across the water on the jet ski. Feel the wind when you glide over the waves and enjoy the feeling of freedom.

There is the possibility to ride a jet ski alone or as a couple, the price is the same. The driver must be at least 16 years of age. However, children are also allowed as co-drivers with an adult, but they must be able to swim and be large enough to hold tight on to the driver.

The excursion is a jet ski tour along the beautiful coast of Mallorca. You will be accompanied by a professional guide and can move freely outside a closed area.

Duration: Duration:
30 minutes 60 minutes
Price (per jet ski): Price (per jet ski):
95 euros (max. 2 pers.) 155 euros (max. 2 pers.)

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