Snorkeling Adventure Tour in Mallorca

Discover some of the most thrilling features of Mallorca in small, individual groups without the blandness of mass tourism.

The tour begins with a trip to the monastery of Saint Salvador: one of the most spectacular viewpoints of Mallorca, from which you can see all the way to the neighbouring island of Cabrera when the visibility permits it.

After that, we will continue to the little fishing village of Portocolom in which the traditional Mallorcan flair can still be felt.

The following 40 minutes or so will be spent on a speedboat travelling to a picturesque lagoon, in which you are then free to swim, snorkel and frolic.

Once you have had the opportunity to discover the beautiful underwater world of Mallorca, we will move on to the pirate cave. In order to explore the cave, which can only be reached from the water, we must pass through its small entrance. Once inside, we will swim through a freshwater lake and come across places where the ceiling reaches stunning heights of up to 27 metres, and the stalactite formations reach all the way to the ground.

When the sun sets, we will head back home on the speedboat.

Many customers say this is one of the most varied and overall incredible trips they have ever been on while on vacation.

Minimum age: 8 years

Price: 139.90€

Duration: 8 hours

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