Try Dive Mallorca

Glide weightlessly like in space, stay under water for as long as you want, experience the world from a completely different perspective … We offer you all of this on a Try Dive Mallorca!

For many, it is the dream of flying that comes true underwater. Just give it a try – under optimal conditions, with us at one of the most beautiful diving spots in Mallorca.

The instructors at Diving & amp; Adventure Mallorca accompany you on your first steps under water and offer the highest level of safety.

Requirements and course duration:

– you should be at least 8 years old

– the course duration is 3  hours

– physically fit

– There must be at least 12 hours between dive and flight

Price: 109,90 EUR

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You will never forget the impressions you get when you try scuba diving in Mallorca in your life. The start of an adventure full of unimagined possibilities. Have you really thought about vacationing in Mexico or a trip to the Maldives? Probably not, because these are just some of the top diving destinations in the world. As a passionate diver, you will think differently about it, because both are very special diving destinations.

The whole wonderful world of diving is open to you and waiting to be discovered by you.

Our try dive Mallorca, as the name suggests, is intended to find out whether diving in Mallorca is a pleasure and whether you might want to consider getting a diving license.

Please do not hesitate to contact us directly if you have any questions.
We are happy to be there for you!

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