Shark Diving in Mallorca

You’re already a licensed diver with some experience? Then go on a shark dive in Europe’s deepest Sharktank – for an experience that is sure to make your heart speed up. During a briefing, you will be taught the basics on how to interact with the king of the sea; and then we will descend into an underwater world full of adventure, beauty, and thrills – to dive alongside the most fascinating sea creatures you will ever see.

Let yourself be impressed by the effortless elegance with which these enormous fish glide through the water, as well as by the aquarium’s natural and authentic looking landscape. At the end of the dive you will also receive an entrance ticket for yourself and one accompanying person, so you can explore the rest of the aquarium and its wide variety of sea creatures.

We would be happy to explain here why we offer shark dives in the aquarium and why we can represent this responsibly in this case.

Duration: 2 hours

Price: 199,00 Euro*

* All diving equipment is included in the price, but not the diving insurance required by law in Spain. If none are available, this can be concluded with us for 8 euros / day.

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