Diving at Cabrera

Cabrera is the largest and oldest nature reserve in the Balearic Islands and impresses with its exceptionally good visibility of sometimes over 30 meters and its abundant fish population. In addition to swarming large barracudas, Cabrera is also known for its large groupers.

The trip to Cabrera is a full day trip. We will pick you up at your hotel (Palma, Playa de Palma or further on the way) around 07:15 and then drive with you for about 40 minutes to Colonia de Sant Jordi. There is the closest port, where we will dress you completely and from where the boat will also depart. Arrived at Cabrera, we then do 2 walldives, where the boat is tied up close to the island on a buoy and the dives begin in shallow water of 5-8m. During the dives we moor on the island for the surface interval and stay there for about 1.5 hours. Cabrera is an old prison island, with a coast guard station, a nice little coffee and an old fortification that you can also visit. So you have time to explore the island and then you can do a nice long second dive.

Before we go back, we will visit the famous “Cueva Azul”, also called the blue cave, with you. It is big enough to go in to completely with the boat and inspires with its play of blue colors in the water.

When you arrive back in Colonia de Sant Jordi, you still have time to have a coffee or a bite to eat in one of the numerous restaurants along the harbor. As soon as the crew has cleaned the boat and the diving school has stowed everything there again after the trip, the transfer takes you back to the hotel in the late afternoon.

Since Cabrera is an island in the open sea and both dives take place on a wall, divers with an OWD must be able to prove 20 logged dives and the last dive must not be more than a year ago. Otherwise, a refresher dive must be made beforehand.

Duration: 1 day

Price (2 dives): 159.90 euros * (without equipment)

179.90 euros * (with equipment)

* Not included in the price is your own diving insurance, which is required by law in Spain. If none are available, this can be concluded with us for 10 euros / day.

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